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Virtually any concrete slab can be lifted. Sidewalks, curbs, driveways, patios, garage slabs, interior floor slabs and highways are common examples. Garages built on poured slabs can be lifted...garage and all! Got a tilted grain bin? Or just a piece of sidewalk with a trip hazard? No problem! Check out the pictures and read on for more info. Or just give us a call. We'll be glad to talk about your project and provide a free estimate. See what CCR can do for you!
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Concrete Raising Service for the Grand County
and San Juan County, UT, Area

Canyonlands Concrete Raising (CCR) provides a convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to the common problem of sunken (settled) concrete. Do you have uneven concrete or drainage problems? Were you thinking that expensive replacement or unsightly grinding was your only solution? It's time to think again! CCR can raise your existing concrete. The best news is that it typically costs much less than replacement and it looks much better than grinding.
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How Does it Work?
CCR uses special equipment to inject liquid polyurethane under the concrete slab. Within seconds the liquid begins to expand and solidify. The expansion process fills voids, lifts the slab, and provides support, thus reducing the chances of further settlement and/or cracking. If you have settlement, trip hazards, un-evenness, poor drainage, or similar problems, chances are CCR can help. Give us a call!
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Your concrete works hard. Isn't it time you gave it a raise?
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Rio Mesa bathhouse project completed
Orchard Villa wall leveling completed
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